Wednesday, 25 July 2007

These 2 AGM insulators I rescued from old posts being cut up for firewood on our neighbour's property. I just love collecting pieces like this. I've even kept a few pieces of wire from old posts that were burnt as firewood, simply because they reminded me of insects.

I'm breaking all records today. Here are 3 more things we dug up in our garden. Just behind our house was the site of the teacher's house,behind that their rubbish tip.Isn't the kewpie doll perfume bottle cute.It has a bakelite lid and is in almost perfect condition.
The ship isn't too good, but considering it's made from lead and has been through a fire,it's still recognisable.I can just make out the name Rex on the end.Another ship and a train didn't fare as well, being almost melted. The other item is a bakelite top from a desk inkwell. There were also pieces of slate and slate pencils.

We built our home on the site of the old Primary School. It had been built in 1908 and closed in the 60s. When we first moved in, we were digging a vege garden and found a heap of petrified wood,axe heads, fossiled shells etc. all in a fairly small area. I think they were most likely a collection discarded when the School closed. The petrified wood in the pic is just a small sample. Can you see my 'maps of Australia' minus Tasmania? The large piece with the fossilised shells looks like it has some fossilised fern on it, but I've seen some like it in the Brisbane Museum and apparently it is just a type of rock formation.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

I was looking through all my photos the other day and came across this one of myself. I believe I was about 4 at the time so it was probably taken around 1960 or thereabouts. I remember the dress I was wearing was a turquoise blue with white binding and white daisies on the heart-shaped pockets. Most of my clothes back then came from Marks & Spencer, British Home Stores or were ordered from Kay's or Freeman's catalogues.
From the look of my smile, it wasn't long after I'd broken my front teeth. It was Summertime, and I'd been splashing around in our old galvanised bath in the back yard. Our Landlady who lived upstairs, opened a window and threw down a small plastic swan for me to play with. I raced inside to show Mum, and sliding over on the wet lino, I fell and hit my mouth on a wooden stool that Dad had made me. That day is just so clear to me-most probably because of the pain. I also have no trouble at all remembering everything in colour so precisely from back then, yet don't remember many more recent events anywhere near as clearly. Is that a sign of Ageing?My Dad was like that and he was 92. No chance for me.LOL.