Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It's been far too long between posts. I don't feel I've had anything worth sharing. Will have to remedy that.
Just look at this great craft pack I received last week from Julie at "Simple Stitches". My name was picked from all of those who joined her mailing list last month. There was also a couple of caramel hot chocolate sachets, but they didn't last very long. To visit Julie's blog see the link in my sidebar.
With a few extra prim supplies I have ordered from "Tanyas Prim Thyme Designs", another prim site I love visiting, I've got absolutely no excuse not to begin making some things for Christmas. I recently came across another wonderful prim site called, "Soft In The Head", home of whimsical soft sculptures made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Links to both of these sites can also be found in my sidebar.

I've recently had to deal with some health issues of my own, plus those of some close Family members. My SIL's husband, is at present fighting a huge battle with secondaries from prostate cancer. He also has heart problems that in his weakened state, can't be fixed unless the chemotherapy he's having is successful. We're all praying for his recovery.
My niece has to undergo a ductectomy (I think that's what it's called) next month to check that she doesn't have breast cancer, so I'm hoping all will go well for her.
I'm recovering from carpal tunnel release surgery that I had at the beginning of this month. My other health worries are ongoing for the present but will hopefully be nothing too serious.
Below are some photos I took at the weekend of my SIL's bush house and garden. They have regular visits from a couple of pythons, but thankfully not while I was there. I don't mind pythons, but preferably those which are used to being handled, not wild ones.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

How's about this lady for a bit of recycling? Don't you love the rug made from old socks?
I just thought I'd show you a few shots of the Rosalie Gallery Shop. There are crocheted,knitted, felted and woven articles for sale, books written by local authors, hand-crafted jewellery, spoons,stirrers and walking sticks made locally from recycled woods, even local olive oil and preserves,etc.

ABOUT US - The latest exhibition at our local Rosalie Gallery. A collection of art works, textiles, jewellery, quilting, doll making, photography, scrapbooking, treasures and collections. This represents the diversity of talent and the interests of the volunteers of the Rosalie Gallery.
The group has encouraged arts and cultural activities since the Gallery opened in 2004. They have seen it develop into a "sought after venue" for exhibitions.
I went to the opening of this latest exhibition on Sunday. We were invited to a 'light' 3 course luncheon. I'm sure there must have been well over 100 in attendance. We were treated to a delicious meal.
Below are some of the photos I took on the day.

Monday, 21 July 2008


Above is the quiltie I received from Jo in our second quiltie swap. It's called 'possum in the ginko'. It was painted with paintsticks and has a cute little wooden possum button stitched to it. It is backed with an earthy leaf print and has 2 tiny golden leaf charms stitched to the label.
Below is the quiltie I sent to Jo. I always have a very hard time creating anything a little abstract and always seem to end up embroidering some flowers.


Monday, 2 June 2008

Below is Myrtle The Marvellous Witch Of The South. I received her from Marilyn in a swap I took part in on The Craft Magazines Forum. Above is Lizzie, a doll I made for Bec in the same swap.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


The exhibition opening this afternoon was a great success. There was a Fashion Parade of some of the wearable art which was very hard to photograph with the number of people present, so I just took some pics of a few of the exhibits before too many arrived. The following was on the catalogue-
"Textures,Textiles and Treasures represents the diversity of talent within Darling Downs Spinners, Weavers, Felters and Wearable art practitioners. Spinning, weaving and hand dyeing are just a few of the skills utilised to create this exhibition."


Now the recipient of this quiltie has received it, I can post a pic here. It went all the way to Di in England. Hence the chosen subject, Aussie wildflowers. I started with a crazy-pieced block and mostly free-embroidered the flowers with DMC threads and silk ribbon. I was happiest with the way the waratah in the centre turned out.

Later today or tomorrow, I will hopefully be posting some pics of our latest local Art Gallery opening, which I'm attending this afternoon.

Friday, 25 April 2008

The first is a Roslyn fine bone china tea plate. It's # 5 in a series of 6 World Renowned Orchids of Merit. Wonder if I'll ever come across the others? I bought this from Cabarlah Country Markets for $2
The second is a small, very old, Limoges vase. Apparently It originally had a lid, but it still looks fine without it. Thirdly is a small Spode Copelands vase. These were from our local OP Shop and each of them were also only $2. I apologise for my slightly blurred pics.
Next Sunday (4th) I'm going to another of our local Rosalie Art Gallery Openings. This Exhibition will be Fibrearts, some of them wearable, and will include a fashion show. I'm really looking forward to this one as last year's was fantastic and has been the most popular of all the exhibions to date. Will take my camera and hopefully some great pics to post here.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

I thought it was about time I posted. A lot has happened here since January. I am now working as my Doctor's receptionist. Maybe that rainbow I photographed over the surgery back in August last year was my pot of gold. The job isn't full time but it's a fairly busy country practice and how convenient is it being on the property just next door? I'm really enjoying it after being out of the workforce for so long. Although it can get a little hectic at times, it's definately not boring. I find that with less time to spare now, I use it more wisely and seem to get an awful lot more done.

I was going to post pics of my latest aquisitions, but the batteries in my camera need recharging, so I'll show you the lovely quiltie I received in the mail from Kerry. This quiltie was part of a swap on Craft Magazines Online Forum. The forum was set up by Express Publications who publish Country Craft and Decorating, Handmade, Australian Country Threads, Patchwork and Stitching etc. I've been a member for several years now and have taken part in many swaps. The ladies I've met there both online, and a few in person, are the loveliest, most friendly people who all share a common bond - their love of crafting. Click on the link to the Forum in my sidebar and go check it out for yourselves.

Monday, 21 January 2008


Don't you just love Sam's grin?
I'm very sorry that I've not posted anything for so long. Just before Christmas, I had some abdominal surgery and to tell you the truth, I'm still not feeling 100%. I feel so tired and it's taking me ages getting enough oomph to start crafting again. Our Q.C.W.A. meetings start up again on the 4th of February, so I'm hoping they'll motivate me - We'll be starting our new separate craft day this year with crewel embroidery. Looking forward to that as I find hand-embroidery very relaxing and enjoyable.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas - understandably, mine was a very quiet one.
Only last week, I joined our local Freecycle group. The group was set up for people who want to "recycle" things instead of throwing them away and everything posted must be free. I advertised a monitor and printer I no longer used which was very appreciated by a pensioner who picked it up the following day. I also received a "Steam Dream" steam cleaner in great condition and a huge pile of scrapbooking, stamping and papercraft magazines and 2 Memory Makers books on Scrapbooking. I was rapt.
Here's the link for anyone wanting to join their local group. Just type in your area and country.
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