Friday, 25 April 2008

The first is a Roslyn fine bone china tea plate. It's # 5 in a series of 6 World Renowned Orchids of Merit. Wonder if I'll ever come across the others? I bought this from Cabarlah Country Markets for $2
The second is a small, very old, Limoges vase. Apparently It originally had a lid, but it still looks fine without it. Thirdly is a small Spode Copelands vase. These were from our local OP Shop and each of them were also only $2. I apologise for my slightly blurred pics.
Next Sunday (4th) I'm going to another of our local Rosalie Art Gallery Openings. This Exhibition will be Fibrearts, some of them wearable, and will include a fashion show. I'm really looking forward to this one as last year's was fantastic and has been the most popular of all the exhibions to date. Will take my camera and hopefully some great pics to post here.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

I thought it was about time I posted. A lot has happened here since January. I am now working as my Doctor's receptionist. Maybe that rainbow I photographed over the surgery back in August last year was my pot of gold. The job isn't full time but it's a fairly busy country practice and how convenient is it being on the property just next door? I'm really enjoying it after being out of the workforce for so long. Although it can get a little hectic at times, it's definately not boring. I find that with less time to spare now, I use it more wisely and seem to get an awful lot more done.

I was going to post pics of my latest aquisitions, but the batteries in my camera need recharging, so I'll show you the lovely quiltie I received in the mail from Kerry. This quiltie was part of a swap on Craft Magazines Online Forum. The forum was set up by Express Publications who publish Country Craft and Decorating, Handmade, Australian Country Threads, Patchwork and Stitching etc. I've been a member for several years now and have taken part in many swaps. The ladies I've met there both online, and a few in person, are the loveliest, most friendly people who all share a common bond - their love of crafting. Click on the link to the Forum in my sidebar and go check it out for yourselves.