Sunday, 28 October 2007


I've just received a photo of a doll just like the one I had as a child. The pic came in an email from a lovely lady in the UK who identified my doll from a description I'd given her. I was made to give away all of my dolls and a lovely big teddy with growler before we emigrated to Australia back in 1969. I do think that my parents misunderstood how many of our belongings we'd be able to bring and I guess that toys weren't as important as many other items. As it turned out, we actually could have brought nearly everything but a few larger furniture pieces. This photo is the next best thing to having the doll as it brings back many memories. By the way the doll is a Pedigree Pretty Peepers made in 1957. It had jointed legs and a button on its stomach that when pressed would make the doll's eyes turn to the right, then with each successive press, to the left and then the eyes would change from blue to brown

I've also posted a pic of a lovely depression glass rose bowl of my Mother's. It is now missing it's matching glass frog, which would have been about 2 inches high and across. It was broken before I inherited it. If anyone knows where I might find a replacement, I would be most grateful.