Wednesday, 24 September 2008

It's been far too long between posts. I don't feel I've had anything worth sharing. Will have to remedy that.
Just look at this great craft pack I received last week from Julie at "Simple Stitches". My name was picked from all of those who joined her mailing list last month. There was also a couple of caramel hot chocolate sachets, but they didn't last very long. To visit Julie's blog see the link in my sidebar.
With a few extra prim supplies I have ordered from "Tanyas Prim Thyme Designs", another prim site I love visiting, I've got absolutely no excuse not to begin making some things for Christmas. I recently came across another wonderful prim site called, "Soft In The Head", home of whimsical soft sculptures made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Links to both of these sites can also be found in my sidebar.

I've recently had to deal with some health issues of my own, plus those of some close Family members. My SIL's husband, is at present fighting a huge battle with secondaries from prostate cancer. He also has heart problems that in his weakened state, can't be fixed unless the chemotherapy he's having is successful. We're all praying for his recovery.
My niece has to undergo a ductectomy (I think that's what it's called) next month to check that she doesn't have breast cancer, so I'm hoping all will go well for her.
I'm recovering from carpal tunnel release surgery that I had at the beginning of this month. My other health worries are ongoing for the present but will hopefully be nothing too serious.
Below are some photos I took at the weekend of my SIL's bush house and garden. They have regular visits from a couple of pythons, but thankfully not while I was there. I don't mind pythons, but preferably those which are used to being handled, not wild ones.