Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Here are pics of of a glass-doored cupboard I bought from our neighbour's clearing sale. One pic was taken with the blind closed, hence the colour difference.The exterior was painted white, but I've stripped most of it back. I've left the original painted interior. It fits just perfectly on the top of an old floor-standing cupboard that belonged to my parents. My intentions are to one day re-paint sections of both cupboards and try some folk-art on the doors of the bottom one.
Most of my collectables have cost me very little, or sometimes nothing. There are some tiny English Wade china animals on the centre shelf that came in a large box of items from a Lifeline Op Shop. I paid $2 for the whole box. The Wade china hedgehog though, came out of one of my childhood Christmas crackers.(bonbons here in Oz)The little cat coming from our local OP shop and is from Mexico.
The wall-hanging I have on the front of the doors was made for me in a swap I took part in. The saying is so apt.
I also love old bone china cups,saucers and plates. I have a plain white china dinner set with a gold edge that can be mixed and matched with all the odd pieces.
My lovely old 1950s glass cabinet is in need of repair at the present. My ginger cat jumped at a chair which fell backwards into the beautifully rose-etched glass door.
I don't think I'll be able to afford to replace it with anything other than plain glass. Thankfully nothing inside the cabinet was broken.

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