Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Here is a pic of the pincushion I made for a mini swap on a craft group I belong to. It was crazy quilted over a couple of old CDs and is embellished with fibres,charms,shells and beads. The base is hand-dyed wool felt. I also sent my swap partner a handmade card and some of my cinnamon buttons. I received a lovely felt hat pincushion in the same swap. At the present, I am finishing off a peg bag and have signed up for cushion cover and apron swaps and am thinking hard about whether to sign up for an etui swap. Taking part in these swaps does motivate me as there is always a deadline to follow.LOL


miss~nance said...

Love both pincushions Hleen.

LissC said...

oh my gosh. Your kitten picture is just adorable!!! I really like that pin cushion of the sea/fish.