Thursday, 17 December 2009

Well, I've almost finished off my swaps for this year. I've taken pics of some but can't post anything as I don't know if they've been received as yet.
Just listening to some Christmas Pan pipes on CD. Lovely music.

Don't you just love this pic I took of our kittens a while back? They're all staring intently at a crow, that still visits our verandah several times a day to see what food our dog has left. The poor old crow is usually pestered no end by a pair of willy wagtails, that along with the crows and magpies, nest in our garden.
You can still see the broken screen where our big tabby cat Lilly, got her head jammed as a youngster. I had to hold her very still that day, whilst my daughter cut the steel mesh with the bolt cutters. We now have about 18 ins of clear perspex screwed to the bottom of the door.

Above are my zucchini plants, which are just starting to produce. To the left is some rhubarb. I planted my vege garden this year on the Eastern side of our house, so it only gets the morning sun. It would be nigh on impossible to grow anything from scratch here that would be subjected to the very hot afternoon sun. We've still had no decent rain, only thunder, and it's mostly the established trees and plants that are just surviving. We're so very lucky that our bore is still holding up well. There were a couple of towns that had run out of their water supply. We're hoping that the meat ants, that have been moving up onto higher ground near our house, are a sign that we're going to have a huge downpour soon. In all the years we've lived here, they've stayed in the same spot, so they've never been a problem at all. I've never seen so many other smaller ants in our home either. I've been thinking I should get our daughter Katrina to bring her car out here for a wash and polish. When she lived at home, it was almost guaranteed to bring on the rain.LOL


clare's craftroom said...

Oh Helen that really is the cutest photo it'd look great as a postcard .

Laume said...

What pretty cats! I have a similar photo of all my cats in the front window watching a deer in the garden.

Cheryl said...

That photo of your fur babies is adorable! I have 3 indoor cats of my own, and I've "adopted" my neighbors 4 cats. Okokok, I feed them canned food so they hang around lol (
I wanted out door kitties too!)

jahanzaib said...

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Diane said...

I love the picture of your kitties. Beautiful creatures. Diane

IT Professional said...

what a pretty cats...i love it