Sunday, 25 June 2006

Here is a bag I made for a recent swap. It's an enlarged version of a jewellery pouch that my Mum bought me years ago. I used a cream jacquard for the outer bag and pockets and green homespun for the lining. I then used green cebelia crochet cotton for the edging and drawstring cords. The cords were a little long but they can be easily shortened.
I stitched a round pincushion from the jacquard and finished it with some SRE irises and a beaded edging which doesn't show too well in the photo. The pincushion is attached to the centre of the pouch with a velcro dot.

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crazyQstitcher said...

Helen your pocket bag is lovely. I can see jewellery in them, I first thought of cotton reels and have never seen one with pincushion in the middle. I have seen a larger one for scones.
I enlarged the pic., to see the SRE and it's beautiful. I like the colours you chose. Maureen