Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Thought it was about time I posted something. I've been very slack lately.
The picture above is of a Christmas Ornament I made for a recent swap I took part in. I'm sorry about the picture quality - this pic was the best of a very bad lot-and even IT is a little blurred.The flower is an SRE poinsettia stiched with ribbon stitch petals and lazy daisy leaves. The centre of the flower is french knots. The year was chain stitched with gold thread. Below
the flower is some beaded ribbon,to the left beaded sequins, a zigzag of bugle beads top right and beaded lace top left.


barbara ac said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog Helen. I hadn't found your blog before and enjoyed looking at it. Liked your pix of where you live.

In May 30 post there is some beautiful CQ. May I ask how you do the flowers with the rounded petals? Looks like it is something wrapped? And what a nice ornament this heart is. How big is it?

Helen said...

Hi Barbara,Thank you for your comments.I'll be a regular visitor to your blog
The flowers on both blocks were done with bullion stitches - over 25-30 wraps for the daisy like flowers.I used Edmar variegated thread - may have been Iris.
I think the heart was about 5" across - very similar in size to the hearts in Chains Of Hearts group on Yahoo.
Have you checked out our cqcrazy blog yet?