Tuesday, 25 September 2007

These Apostlebirds (Struthidea Cinerea) would really have to be one of the most intelligent of Aussie birds. Very cheeky too! I took these pics this morning, and by a sheer fluke managed the en flight pic. Apparently they are mudnest builders, so I may have to give them a hand with the lack of mud, as droughts can drastically upset their breeding cycle. I do know I had a flock of them here last Summer, going absolutely ape under a fine sprinkler.
Years ago, we were outside talking, and only a few feet from us, a flock of them encircled one of our cats. Well, the cat sat there just stunned, but the moment he made a slight move, they flew off. Do so wish I'd had my camera handy that day.
Another bird that plays games with the cats is the Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) We have a pair of them that nest on a spotlight on the Western side of our house.
Do hope our little fairy wrens return this year. I have noticed some honeyeaters feeding from the flowers on the aloe vera and grevilleas and also some tiny yellow finches that seem to appear at daybreak.
There are several magpies that nest here each year. Each family has it's own tree. The young left their nests several weeks ago. They never seem to worry us at all, but they're often a problem in public parks when they can be very aggressive around nesting time. Years ago my Mum was dive-bombed by them and ended up with a nasty cut on the bridge of her nose. My husband's cousin had a very tame one that visited them each day. It was an albino, having very pale brown and cream plumage. I just love listening to their songs, and that of the cicada beetles.
One of the peskiest birds would have to be the mudlark or peewee. They make such a mess with their droppings on our vehicles' side view mirrors and continually dive-bomb their reflections in our windows. All I can say is, they must have beaks of steel.LOL

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