Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Early last year, I found this tablecloth at our local Refuse Tip. Would you believe someone had actually been using it as a grease rag. I so wish now that I'd taken pics of it in it's sorry state. It was absolutely covered in black grease. Well, with the help of some Morning Fresh washing up liquid, Sunlight laundry soap and a final soaking in some Napisan, I finally managed to remove all the grime with very little fading to the colours of the embroidery.
It has a little damage to the lace on the top right, in a couple of spots the cloth has come adrift from the edging and is very slightly frayed and a few stitches here and there may need replacing ( Maybe I really shouldn't be attempting any repairs - any advice would be most welcome.) Made of a very good quality linen, I am just so pleased that it can now be preserved as a very small part of Australia's Sewing History. I love vintage linen and now have a small collection, mostly bought from thrift shops or flea markets. Stained or damaged linen can often be utilised in Crazy Quilting or other sewing projects instead of being discarded as is too often the case.


Maureen said...

Helen as you love vintage linens,you'd enjoy a visit to Patra's Place


You'll really enjoy it.
Your story about the tablecloth is making me think that I MUST try and resurrect a 75 year old cloth that's lurking in my linen press

Lee-ann said...

Helen hello from central victoria, I just loved your story about the cloth and how you found it at the tip..............I also sometimes wonder why do they just not drop the pieces off at the op-shop and let somebody else enjoy them. I found a set of plain white royal daulton dinner plates from WAYYYYY! back (they were so old)and was thrilled to take them home and work on them until they shined once more.
They now serve up a lovely afternoon tea for sure!

Yes tomorrow is the start of winter, and it is very cold down here now.
thank you for your stories and I enjoyed visiting your blogg.

Bear said...

Hi Helen
wot a find - and to think it was nearly lost as well- it certainly came up well - I would ask a Historical society or the Museum(sic) its advice on whether or not to replace the lost or frayed threads- I think that I wouldnt - it would change the authenticity of the article- BUT the above places would certainly know the right way of doing the very best for this vintage piece of Australiana you have revived!
love n hugs bearxoxoxoxox