Sunday, 21 May 2006

For my first posting, I thought I'd tell you about the Rosalie Gallery in Goombungee. A small town just 8 kms from where I live. Each month there is a different exhibition. This month's was entitled 'Fibre Works' a celebration of fibre. The felted items on display illustrated traditional methods, nuno, modern, artistic pictorial and needlesculpture. There were woven articles including delicate silk scarves, garments and everyday items. Other crafts on display included latch hooking, patchwork both crazy and sane, knitting, crochet and bobbin and knitted lace.
There may be a felting workshop starting up quite soon, as there were so many expressions of interest from those attending the exhibition ( including Yours Truly of course ) so here's hoping!


Sharon said...

Hi there Helen,

Congratualtions on your first foray intto the world of blogging... I will watch with interest your progression... Please 'shout' if you run into any problems....

Maureen said...

Oh Helen I'm so glad you "dipped your toes" into blogging!
Will email you a heap of info(VBG) AND that felting it needle felting or wet felting or???