Monday, 29 May 2006

The first day of June (This Thursday) is officially the start of our Winter here in Australia. It's been quite chilly. We've had an occasional frost but are still in very sore need of some decent rain - Any Rain! Our neighbour's dam, quite a large one, which was once stocked with young fish and full of crayfish, is now just a small mudhole.
Here are some pics I took at Perseverance Dam last month. You can see in both pics just how low the water levels have dropped. The area in the foreground of the top picture is where the water used to run over the spillway, which is off to the far right.
Apparently towards the end of construction on the Dam, it rained so heavily that it filled before
some of the earthmoving machinery was taken out and it remains on the Dam floor to this day. It'll soon be on full view again if we don't have some rain very soon.

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