Sunday, 21 May 2006

Just thought I'd show you the results of some experimentation in dyeing. I had a small reel of rayon crochet thread and it had an almost identical twist and sheen to some Edmar thread I had. I dyed it as I do with silk ribbon, in the microwave using Ozecraft dyes. Unlike the silk ribbon though, I didn't dry it on paper towels in the microwave, but hung it to dry naturally on my verandah. I found that each bundle of about 10-12 thread lengths had to be knotted together at each end as it is very prone to unravelling especially when subjected to the rinsing process. I was very happy with the results as I've saved myself quite a bit of money. One of the greens and a mauve are very subtly variegated but I don't think it shows too well in the pic. The green on the far left is a silk thread.


Jacqui said...

Hello *waves madly from the UK* how lovely to see you here :) Thanks to Maureen for the heads up. I have some dyes I bought over a year ago and haven't used yet. Maybe it was 2 years ago - doh! Your experiments look lovely wonderful palette, do you have a project in mind?

Ribbonwiz said...

Found you through Maureen.
Well done with the threads dying...ready for you to use.

Bear said...

Helen- I am so happy that you unlurked today and I was able to come look at your blog! Thank you - I have some rayon thread that I bought years ago and at the time I was gong to use it dyed etc- and then it kinda over time bee forgotten well I have found it and I intend to play lilke you have- your experiment certainlyt has give some wonderful results-0 thanks Helen - I really hadnt thought of my thread for ages!!
love n hugs bear xoxoxxox